Crypto exchange Bitwells announces 777 BTC giveaway

Bitwells, a leading crypto derivatives exchange, has launched a 100% deposit bonus for new signups in a program that will see the exchange give away a total of 777 bitcoins (BTC).

The promotion is geared toward rewarding those traders who deposit up to 10 BTC where a trader will be given a matching bonus equal to the amount he/she deposits.

If a user deposits, 1 BTC, for example, they will get a total of 2BTC credited to their account while a trader that deposits a maximum of 10 BTC will get 20 BTC credited to their account.

The move is aimed at establishing Bitwells as a leader in the field of crypto derivatives since the promotion is one of the most generous promotions within the industry.

Besides, it is an attractive opportunity for traders looking to benefit from intraday trades, especially at the moment when the crypto market is highly volatile.

How the deposit bonus works

Most importantly, the matching bonus is not withdrawable. However, it can be used as a margin to open bigger positions that entitle traders to higher profits if the market speculation is correct.

Any profit made when using the bonus as a margin is wholly withdrawable.

In essence, the bonus ensures the safety of the traders’ capital especially when the market goes against their speculation. Normally, without margin, the capital is easily wiped away if the market experiences large price swings.

Bitwells is a renowned crypto derivatives platform that offers 100X leverage on ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, and BTC futures contracts and the matching bonus goes a long way in giving traders more exposure during trades.

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