A research platform for the entire cryptoeconomy: Coinbase Prices is now Coinbase Explore | by Coinbase | Jul, 2022

TL;DR β€” We’ve upgraded Coinbase Prices and rebranded it as Coinbase Explore to provide users with a single platform to research the entire cryptoeconomy

The cryptoeconomy is about far more than buying and selling and assets. But as more people do more with their crypto β€” earn, lend, collect NFTs, build communities, etc. β€” they need accurate, actionable information to make sound decisions. Unfortunately, getting that information today is too complicated and time-consuming.

That’s where Coinbase Explore comes in. Coinbase Explore is an upgraded version of Coinbase Prices, which provided users with detailed research on crypto assets. Coinbase Explore will cover much more than asset prices β€” we’re bringing to market a full-scale, easy-to-use, searchable platform that enables users to research all aspects of the cryptoeconomy in one place.

All categories, all assets

We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to access up-to-date-information, no matter how fast the cryptoeconomy evolves, so they can do more with their crypto, with confidence.

Whether a user is looking for basic educational content, detailed data on DeFi protocols and NFT collections, or to search on-chain transactions and addresses, they need quick, accurate answers.

Coinbase Explore will provide these across all existing and emerging categories of the cryptoeconomy while still providing high quality pricing data for all existing crypto assets.

Further Explore-ation

Coinbase Explore can be found via the β€œExplore” tab on Coinbase.com. If you were previously familiar with Coinbase Prices, you’ll now find a new, expanded layout where searching for new crypto assets is even easier.

In the coming quarters, Coinbase Explore will include data on DeFi Protocols, NFT collections, and more. We’re excited to continue providing our users with critical tools and knowledge and to onboard the next generation of users into web3.

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