Minima Launches Innovation Challenge Campaign Compeition

Minima, an ultra-lean blockchain network that enables running a complete node on a mobile or IoT device, has launched an innovation challenge to spur more growth in its ecosystem.

In partnership with EdenBase, a UK-based fund and hub, the Minima innovation challenge seeks to push the blockchain’s potential for more sustainable, decentralized, immutable, and scalability solutions by using Minima Protocol.

Hugo Feiler, Minima’s CEO and co-founder said:

“We already have the largest network of complete nodes ever assembled. Running a full node on Minima is as effortless as running a messaging app on your mobile. Using Minima, developers can build decentralized apps on a mobile, with an addressable market of 2.5 billion users and no middlemen, miners, stakers or block producers.”

Minima’s node count recently experienced massive growth, making the network more resistant to cyber-attacks. Its blockchain’s design enables users to collaborate when building and securing the chain by running ultra-lightweight complete nodes on their devices. As a result, energy requirements are reduced, enabling applications to adhere to the ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance) goals.

Eric Van der Kleij, the co-founder of EdenBase, noted:

“Most crypto projects talk about moving to a decentralized system, but Minima was created as an ultra-lean, fully decentralized blockchain protocol that is community-owned and operated, which is why we are keen to support their mission to find some awesome use cases.”

The seven-week innovation challenge will be open to entries from across the globe, with teams showing long-term thinking getting a high chance of bagging the prize. The winner will get $20,000 in Minima tokens, whereas the two runners-up will receive $5,000.

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