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API3, a first-party blockchain oracle, today announced the availability of dAPIs on, BNB Chain, RSK, Polygon, and Avalanche to deliver high-quality cryptocurrency data to smart contracts on those platforms. The Airnode providing the data is owned and operated by Amberdata.

Launching dAPIs on these mainnets follows API3’s first-party data feed availability on Ethereum and Polygon testnets in February and the QRNG random number generator deployment to 13 mainnets in May.

This availability of production dAPIs comes at an opportune time for these four growing blockchains as the need for high-quality data feeds among smart contracts is heightening.

“dAPIs are a significant step toward achieving API3’s vision of a more reliable and efficient decentralized web with quantifiable security. First-party oracles operated by highly reputable data providers enable that vision.”
– Heikki Vanttinen, Co-Founder of API3

Free Trial Period

Smart contract developers now have access to dAPIs through the new API3 Market, where data feeds are easily searched, monitored, and consumed. Moreover, for a limited time, dAPIs are free to use, and projects can integrate to maximize their access to API3’s price data during this free trial period.

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