27 new projects selected in 5th cohort of BNB Chain incubation program: MVB ยป CryptoNinjas

BNB Chain, a community-driven and decentralized blockchain, has now disclosed the projects for season 5 of its accelerator program โ€“ Most Valuable Builder (MVB). 27 new projects with a range of different focuses were selected. There were more than 650 applications from all across the world.

The Binance incubation program was specifically designed to supply and qualify builders on BNB Chain. The team has come together to identify projects and developers with the ambition to embark on โ€˜Uncharted Territoriesโ€™, where no developer or builder has gone before.

โ€œAfter an arduous selection process dedicated to identifying projects with the highest potential, twenty-seven innovative projects focusing on infrastructure and tooling, decentralized finance (DeFi), SocialFi, NFTs, and GameFi were selected. Together we will venture into the unexplored; a challenging and exciting journey. Our team understands that by building together we can give rise to innovative stability and help your project reach its full potential.โ€
โ€“ Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain


Projects that will be incubated in MVB V:

  • Infrastructure โ€“ Web3Go, Space ID, Multi-chain Event Protocol (MEP), Overeality, Port3 Network, Nakji Network, Zash, Metasset, and Staging Labs.
  • DeFi โ€“ InsurAce Protocol, Antimatter DAO, Tender.Fi, Wink Financial, Aperture Finance, Velvet.Capital, Deus Ex Securitas, and IdentDeFi.
  • SocialFi & DAO โ€“ Kola Labs, AnyDAO, FusePass, and Orange Protocol
  • NFTs โ€“ Rareboard, GiroGiroAI, and Double Protocol.
  • GameFi โ€“ CryptoZombie, Meta Apes, and Gameta.

There are two pools in the fifth season of the program: incubation and investment. The 27 projects are guaranteed 6-8 weeks of a curriculum including mentorships and fireside chats with market leaders.

MVB V looked for projects across all stages with a defined vision, plan, and founding team. It is co-led by BNB Chain and Binance Labs to help projects market git a working product for launch.

MVB is the program behind several successful projects on BNB Chain including MCDEX, Biswap, Deri Protocol, and WOO Network.

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