Zero-gas DeFi Ecosystem XODEX Launches its Testnet

The zero-fee DeFi Ecosystem XODEX has announced the launch of its XODEX testnet, which will allow developers to integrate and transition their code deployed on the XODEX mainnet to the final implementation.

XODEX stated that the launch of the testnet will be an important milestone in the development of the entire ecosystem.

In the safe and open source XODEX testnet, project community members and supporters participate in the test network to test their smart contracts, deploy code on the XODEX main network and other processes, and find and give feedback in the secondary process to the project technical team. This is constantly being revised and improved.

The team said it will regularly update the ecosystem library and feature announcements in the Github repository.

And to achieve comprehensive testing of XODEX, find bugs in XODEX, and collect feedback from the community, these three core goals, are to further enhance the platform and its applications.

XODEX expects to incorporate user feedback into the mainnet release once the testnet is officially launched.

XODEX is a completely anonymous zero-fee blockchain and multi-layered ecosystem/transaction system. Developers of NFTs and dApps revolutionize innovation by powering DeFi protocols with decentralized and high-speed transaction procedures and zero fees.

Proof-of-authority consensus also combines decentralization with efficient, scalable, and environmentally friendly transaction processing.

The live XODEX token price today is $0.000880 with a 24-hour trading volume of $25,213.77.

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