$200k+ raised as investors scoop CHANCER

  • Chancer’s presale is live and over 22 million CHANCER tokens have quickly sold out, with $214k raised as a new era for the betting industry begins.
  • $CHANCER is priced at $0.01 during the first presale stage, but will rise to $0.021 by the end of stage 12.
  • $CHANCER token utilities include general platform engagement and validator nodes.

Despite the headwinds that continue to cap upside momentum for cryptocurrency markets, as seen over these past few weeks, there’s new excitement among investors. That’s because Chancer (CHANCER), a new decentralized betting platform, has finally launched its token presale.

And unsurprisingly, more than 22 million CHANCER tokens have been sold within hours of the presale launch.

This even as the crypto prediction markets total market cap fell to $398 million, and tokens such as Gnosis (GNO), SX Network (SX) and Augur (REP) struggled alongside crypto mega caps Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

New era for Web3 social betting: 22 million CHANCER sold within hours

As highlighted here, the presale’s stage 1 phase went live yesterday and saw massive interest as over 6.5 million tokens sold in no time. Indeed, the Chancer presale in on fire as the betting industry welcomes a platform that is designed to change the whole ecosystem. 

As of writing, investors have scooped more than 22 million tokens – all within hours of the presale launch. More than $214,000 has been raised so far.

Check out the CHANCER presale here.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is being developed as the world’s first social predictive markets platform. The protocol is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) network and offers a platform set to disrupt the betting industry as we know it today.

This is because Chancer comes with a distinct approach to betting and prediction markets, complete a decentralized model that gives users control over their bets.

How does Chancer work?

$CHANCER is the native token that will power the new platform and holders will use it to create bets from almost any event that has determinable outcomes. They can then invite friends and the broader social markets community to participate by placing wagers against the odds.

So, whether an individual is interested in predictions for a sports game, election result or such other events, Chancer will offer the opportunity. Unlike traditional betting platforms or existing crypto prediction markets, Chancer does not act as the “house.” Rather, it is individual members of the community who’ll create markets for events, set the rules and leverage smart contracts for rewards.

Token holders will also have a chance to participate in markets created by others, with this giving the platform the potential to become the biggest Web3 social prediction site. The $CHANCER token also gives the holder a direct stake in Chancer, with the governance feature among the many other benefits.

Chancer validator nodes will help to ensure network security and full decentralization.

$CHANCER tokenomics and utilities

Chancer will have a total supply of 1.5 billion tokens. The whitepaper highlights 65% of the 1.5 billion CHANCER tokens will be available to investors in 12 presale stages.

As explained in the project’s whitepaper, Chancer’s aim is to offer control to the community, allowing not just for decentralization, but also greater revenue opportunities. That’s what the tokenomics and utilities of the CHANCER token outline, which includes autonomy in creating betting markets, rewards and winnings, and staking.

A Share2Earn model will also see users benefit when they proactively promote the markets they create to friends and the wider global community.

Apart from watching the value of $CHANCER increase with demand and network growth, holders can also add to potential earning via staking. Other than that, Chancer Node operators will earn 50% of transaction fees, while stakers of that particular Node will share the other 50%.

Interested investors will note that the chance to become a Node opened on Tuesday, June 13 – the presale launch date. Find more about Chancer’s tokenomics from their whitepaper, accessible here.

Is the Chancer presale as a good investment?

 A presale offers retail buyers an early-bird opportunity, with investors able to scoop tokens at substantially discounted prices before public launch. Savvy investors have scoured the market for next gems by going for highly anticipated token presales.

What investors might want to note is that the Chancer platform is still in development and the presale success will need to be accompanied with a working product. Cryptocurrencies are also largely volatile and unpredictable and targets when the tokens go live on exchanges in Q3 might depend on overall market conditions.

However, Chancer has outlined a betting model that signals the potential to revolutionize the betting industry. Its decentralized approach, which removes the “house” model, and the new wave of interest in Web3 social betting could prove a cog that establishes Chancer as the go-to destination for everything in predictive markets.

Such a scenario could be great for the CHANCER token holders, with demand for the native utility token likely to have upside impact on price.

What’s the price of CHANCER?

$CHANCER is priced at $0.010 at this first phase and will see the protocol raise $1 million from 100,000,000 tokens. The price of CHANCER will increase throughout the presale with the final stage seeing the token priced at $0.021 before it launches to the public in Q3, 2023. Users can buy $CHANCER using BNB or BUSD (BEP20).

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