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Our Charitable Foundation was created exclusively for the benefit of children.

We believe that social responsibility is a core component of the business. In 2018, Capital Trade established its own Charitable Foundation to contribute to the social well-being of the most vulnerable local communities in the least developed African countries.

Our Foundation focuses on Africa as the region most in need of support right now. The economic, financial and social situation in most countries of the continent remains difficult. Our efforts are primarily aimed at meeting the basic needs of the population – for medicine, food, and security. We believe that this is the only way to raise the general level of development of the region and create favorable conditions for education and self-fulfillment of young people.

The Foundation’s primary objective is to help children who, due to reasons beyond their control, cannot enjoy the basic privileges and comforts that every child should be able to enjoy.

Capital Trade Charitable Foundation Project

We also work with charitable foundations in Africa, which are more aware of the region’s problems that need to be addressed first.


When people get water, they get the source of life


The project was implemented in Kinigi at the initiative of the local non-profit organizationΒ Faith Foundation. People did not have access to clean drinking water which negatively affected and significantly reduced their standard of living. A good source of water was located nearby, at the school, built by the Faith Foundation, but it was only children who had access to water, and only during the training period.


The goal of the project is to satisfy one of the urgent needs of the local community, providing adults and children access to clean drinking water on an ongoing basis. Two 5000 litres back-up water tanks were installed to supply the community in case of a water supply cut. Access to clean water helps the community to fight poverty: to take care, to grow food, to earn an income, to improve their homes and to get education.

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