how Gladiators Honor Aims to Change the Blockchain Gaming Market

The blockchain gaming industry is rapidly evolving and constantly innovating the mechanics of earnings. Half a year ago Play2Earn games required investments to play, and in order to take part in the competition, you had to be a token holder. Today, more and more companies are implementing Free2Play technology into their projects, allowing users to start playing for free. Some projects have gone even further and started integrating blockchain games into the esports space. Do such companies have a future in esports? Let’s look at the example of Gladiators Honor.

What is Gladiators Honor?

Gladiators Honor is a Play2Earn MOBA game that includes Free2Play and esport. The ecosystem of Gladiators Honor brings together play-to-earn technology, Ghon token, the NFT collection and marketplace, and its own metaverse with lands.

The mission of the team is not just to create a game, but to immerse the player in the atmosphere of gladiatorial fights in ancient Rome, to provide an exciting gaming experience and to create a themed ecosystem with a friendly community to bring together gamers, streamers, creators and crypto holders from around the world. In the future, Gladiators Honor will become an esports discipline that will unite the best teams of players.

The game takes place in ancient Rome, where happy and brave people lived for a long time. However, the usual way of life changed after a meteorite fell on Earth, bringing dark forces. Monsters made up their minds to destroy humanity in order to seize the territories and rule themselves. Gladiators, divided into 4 primary groups and endowed by the Gods with certain powers and skills, entered the fight against evil.

Game modes:

At the moment, the game has several game modes that are identical to esports disciplines.

Battle royal (solo/duo)

10 players enter the Gladiator Arena to fight for survival. Sometime after the start of the match, poison gas appears on the edges of the map. It will move to the center of the map at specified intervals, narrowing the safe zone. If the player moves inside the poison gas he will take damage.

Playing time: 12 minutes

Team battle (3Γ—3)

Team battle mode allows teams of 3 players to fight each other. When a team member dies during a fight, a Respawn Zone is forming around him. If the gladiator enters the zone and stays there for a while, the killed teammate will revive and re-engage in combat instead of being reset. For each kill of an enemy, the fighter will receive 1 point. The team with the most points wins.

Playing time: 5 minutes


A variety of game modes is always great, isn’t it? So in addition to the competition mode, there is an option where the player can immerse himself in land development and ownership. This will bring the resources needed to upgrade gladiators and lands, which later can be sold in the marketplace. In addition, players will be able to get a booster to speed up the experience in the game.

The main characters and NFT

The main characters of the game are ancient Roman gladiators, which are divided into 4 main groups.

Each of the groups is patronized by a certain God: Jupiter, Neptun, Vulcan and the God Terra. Each group has 4 types of gladiators, which differ in strength, weapons and armor, the duration of the battle and the ability to earn GHON tokens.

β€œUpon registration, each user will receive a common gladiator with minimal skills and a simple armor that can be upgraded by purchasing additional power. The player can purchase the GH Box on the marketplace in order to get a more professional warrior. Each box contains one gladiator with a different level of rarity. A higher level of heroes will allow players to earn more Ghon tokens, play more matches and receive multiple rewards,” says CEO Arsen Sharafutdinov.

At the moment, there are 3 types of the rarity of gladiators: rare, epic and legendary.

Ghon token

Ghon is the official in-game token that will be used to exchange, accumulate, sell and buy items directly related to the game. The value of the token is guaranteed by the value of in-game resources and constant user contributions. You can learn more about token usage below:

– For awards. In case of victory, players will receive tokens as a reward;
– Staking. Ghon tokens can be used for staking and passive income;
– In-game purchases. The player can buy weapons, armor, lands, and extra power to upgrade the gladiators.
– Burning mechanism. Token burning is the process of permanently removing some crypto project tokens from circulation. We will burn a portion of the Ghon tokens from each in-game transaction to bring more value to our community.

Blockchain games & esports

Most existing Play2Earn games are aimed at integration into the metaverse or exist as long as there is hype for such projects. Now it is quite difficult to find a really high-quality product on the market with a perspective in the future.

β€œWe are planning to integrate Gladiators Honor into the esports sector, and later to create a separate esports discipline in which professional teams would compete. This will allow us to take the project to a new level and attract not only a crypto-oriented audience,” says Arsen Sharafutdinov.

According to the CEO of the project, both the plot and the game mechanics will fully comply with all esports requirements. Developers are planning to establish partnerships with game guilds, esport teams and betting companies.

At the moment, Gladiators Honor is gearing up for an NFT sale. You can find more information on the official website of Gladiators Honor.



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